How to sponsor an official WSA racing event

Today, for millions of people, sport becomes much more than just a hobby. The popularity of healthy lifestyles is growing, demand for services of sports schools and clubs is increasing, sales of paraphernalia, specialized foodstuffs are growing. In other words, the capacity of the world market of the sports industry increases-now this figure has already exceeded $200 billion. WSA racing events are important events and it would be a great honor to keep it in our ski resort. In order to explain we emphasized some characteristics.

Sport and entertainment

ski resort KToday the popularity of racing on snowmobiles is growing. More and more people start to get involved not only as a hobby but also as a professional sport. Our ski resort is a suitable place for such events. Before our ski resort was sponsored for amateur activities as t is a world-class ski slope, a well-developed network of cable cars and a sea of vivid impressions. This complex includes in the structure of the resort called Gorki Gorod," one of the most popular in Krasnaya Polyana near Sochi. The length of the tracks is about 35 km, and the cable car has three transfer steps. For tourists are open viewing platforms, which offers a breathtaking view of the resort and its surroundings. Mountain Carousel is suitable for those who want to combine their activities with various excursions.

A landscape for racing events.

The ski resort must be large and modern, world level, which is designed to taste even the most discerning guests. On its territory, there is everything that is required for a full-fledged rest in the mountains in summer and winter, both for families and the companies of youth. The length of the tracks is 77 km, and among them, there are descents for beginners or children and experienced athletes. In addition, our ski resort is equipped with 20 lifts, there is an extreme park for competitions in snowboarding and freestyle, several hotels. On the slopes of the resort, the difference of heights reaches 1534 meters.

Available for everyone.

Winter is a season of holidays so it is evident that lots of tourists would like to watch it The ski resort has already got a good reputation. It is famous for its skiing and biathlon tracks, which lie in the picturesque centenary Forest. On the vast plains there are two stadiums, two lanes of international level for carrying out of ski and biathlon races, three rope roads. The ski season lasts up to 140 days a year thanks to the modern snowmaking system. There are also shops, Wonderland Park, children's club, restaurants, cafes, skating rink, ski schools and much more


Snowmobile Racing-still quite a young discipline for our country, which is currently attended by amateurs, but the emergence of riders with excellent skating skills testify to the further development of this sport and likely on to appear professional riders. Sponsorship means a mutual benefit, so in response to sponsorship, you must offer something in return. Make a list of what you can provide companies-certain advantages that the firm will receive, supporting you The more and more significant the benefits, the more chances to interest the sponsor. If the benefits are very tight, you can think of them from the head. The ski resort has all significant advantages for holding extreme sports events.