Moto X racing for off-season ski resort fun

motorbiking BAs a young kid, growing up skiing in the in the South of France was a wonderful time with my family and new found friends every year we went. It wasn’t until after that- while in my teens, I switched all of my attention to Moto X racing, since we lived close to Valence which always had wonderful rolling hills that were perfect for that. I really loved the atmosphere you could only feel at the ski resort, and always wanted to get back that feeling in my life, yet I still wanted to ride and experience the best of both worlds. It was years later while living in the US, that a new friend recommended this one resort called Powder Mountain -near to the Utah International Airport as a way to enjoy the best of worlds, skiing, and Moto X. I couldn’t imagine they found a way to mix both worlds.

OK- to start it was kind of weird since you never imagine those hills not covered in snow and it was even more odd how cool the mountain ranges were in the blazing heat of August! During my time on the mountain, I had a chance to meet the guys behind the project and they explained to me how it all came together with their vision of bringing Moto X to a ski resort 8,000 feet up with all that amazing scenery and natural scenery. Originally their parents started the ski resort 40 years ago and it took a lot of hard work to make the resort into what it is today. Their track, which is thirty feet wide, is stunning and quite an experience riding through pine trees and over incredible open valleys. It all feels so natural as if it’s all just a dream come true riding a track with carved lanes, rich soil, and very few loose rocks. But then again- I have to mention the stunning views and the fresh air. What even better is that the Fans also get a fantastic view of all the action as there are some great viewing posts where you don't always get to enjoy such sights at other Moto X events. I think there were nearly 4,000 spectators were on the mountain on that day and I’ve heard the owners are expecting 5,000 or more for the weekend races.

It's not only about the riding though. This is a total package and a great way to unite families with the events taking place in and around the track. What’s totally unique is that there’s camping facilities close by, and I enjoy sitting around the campfire at night listening to all those old stories with others. It's really fun for anyone who has been skiing there and also likes motorbiking, so if you’re passionate about both activities, then this is a must-do activity. With that kind of mindset, you will find this; just as I did, one of the most enjoyable experiences ever.